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Neville Accidentally Manifests an Impossible Trip To Barbados

neville_goddard_barbados_feel_it_real“When I went home that night the snow was, as I say, twelve or fourteen inches on the ground, and it was cold. When I got into my bed, I did this thing almost absent-mindedly, but I did it, and I knew exactly what I did.”

“Barbados, where I was born, is a little tropical island in the West Indies, and I assumed that I was actually on my bed in my mother’s home that I knew and loved so well. And to prove that I was actually there, I just imagined the world relative to that position. I saw the world – not from my place in New York City, I saw it from Barbados.”

“So, mentally I saw the world as I would see it if I were in Barbados. I thought of my place in New York City, and I saw it two thousand miles to the north of me. I thought of other places, and they were all related to where I am assuming that I am, and I fell asleep in that assumption. When I awoke the next morning, the snow was even higher, and I am not in Barbados, I am in New York City!”

“Well, time progressed. The war in Europe was on. England was at war. No ships were plying the Atlantic. They were going down faster than they could build them, and we were almost at war, and then came the month of August, and I received a cable from my family saying: “We didn’t tell you, because we knew you couldn’t come to Barbados. There aren’t any ships,” (and certainly in those days there were no planes) and they said: ‘Mother is dying. She’s been dying for two years, but now, this is it, and if you want to see her in this world once more, you’ve got to come now’ , I mean, now. I received that cable in the morning, and my wife and I sailed the very next night.”

“One ship was leaving at midnight, the “Argentine,” and we sailed in late August for Barbados. And there I went to Barbados, the last place in the world that I intended to go. In fact, we had planned to go to Maine for a vacation.”

“We were going to close that month and go to Maine for five or six weeks, and then return to reopen some time in October. But all plans were changed to fulfill what I had done in an idle moment because of disappointment.”

“But it taught me a lesson: not to use this law idly, not to use it to escape, but to use it deliberately because you cannot escape from it. A series of events will mold themselves, across which you will walk, leading up to the fulfillment of that state.”

“And so here I put myself, just to escape from the cold and the disappointment of the evening, in Barbados of all places. Then something happens, and I am compelled to make the journey, the last place in the world we intended to go. And we sailed at midnight, and got there four and a half days later on this “Argentine” ship. (It was an American ship, but it was called the “Argentine.”) Mother dies, as they all said she would, and I returned to the States with the knowledge of what I had done and began to teach it. And in that audience of, I would say, a thousand, they all began to apply it, with tremendous success.” – Neville Goddard

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This Feel It Real Lesson and Success Story is from the Neville Goddard Lecture FAITH 1968

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Neville Accidentally Manifests an Impossible Trip To Barbados
"But it taught me a lesson: not to use this law idly, not to use it to escape, but to use it deliberately because you..."
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Neville Goddard Quotes
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