Cushion The Blows – Neville Goddard Quotes

Feel It Real Quotes by Neville Goddard“I am not promising you complete relief from all physical problems, but I have given you a law which will cushion the blows of life.” – Neville Goddard

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I Remember When

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Imagine Lovingly – Neville Goddard Quote

feel_it_real_imagining_lovingly“Any time you exercise your imagination lovingly on behalf of another you have done the right thing. But if it is not done in love there is a question mark, for God is love.”

“This knowledge is not the result of some philosophic reasoning, but of self-revelation. God unveiled himself within me and now I know that God is Infinite love.”

“Yes, he is Infinite Power and Wisdom as well, but power without love can raise horror.” – Neville Goddard

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The Secret Of Causation

Manifest Faster – Neville Goddard Quote

emmett_big_special_smile_running“Called upon to look for the cause of creation, what are you doing losing yourself in the phenomena of life? When something happens, search your thoughts and you will discover your own wonderful human imagination to be the cause of your experience.” – Neville Goddard

This Neville Goddard quote is from the lecture:

Yours For The Taking

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Neville Goddard Feel It Real Quotes

neville_goddard_quote_feel_It_real“Remember, creative power will not operate itself. Knowing what to do is not enough. You, imagination’s operant power, must be willing to assume that things are as you desire them to be before they can ever come to pass.” – Neville Goddard

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This Feel It Real quote is from the Neville Goddard Lecture: Divine Signs

Neville Goddard’s Breathing Technique

“Now there’s a definite technique to it, a simple, simple technique. If I can share with you what I do and it works. I bring them into my mind’s eye and I work myself up into an emotional state. It’s like a peculiar rhythm: I breathe in and breathe out and breathe in and breathe out and suddenly I reach a certain point and then one deep inhalation as though I’m setting it up in a time exposure before my own mind. I set it up and then all of the sudden I have a deep, deep inhalation and every pore of my being explodes and then I do nothing beyond that.”

“It’s taking that scene and setting it up in a time exposure before the eternal event and then I explode it! And then let life develop it and life develops it. And then I get the call or I get the wire or I get a letter confirming that which I did and I do nothing to make it so. … I simply bring it to my mind’s eye what I want to see, see it clearly, explode it and then let it be. Now it could be tomorrow, it could be a month, it could be even years. I am not concerned. I have done it and that’s all that matters as far as I’m concerned. … There’s a time interval between that impregnation and the actual embodiment of that state. And I do not know the time intervals. … But I tell you, it works.”

“Let me once more try to explain this simple, simple technique. You will have to practice it and use your own rhythm. … You can be at home listening to nice music. You can be simply relaxing with a drink. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing or where you are but want to do it. Get into a lovely, quiet relaxed frame…. Wouldn’t it be wonder IF she actually had it? IF he had it? IF they had it? Oh so you know exactly what you want now.”

“And then you imagine you are seeing them. You can see them in your mind’s eye and see them vividly. And then breathe yourself into a rhythm. They’re telling you that they have it. And you’re getting yourself worked up emotionally because they’re telling you that they have exactly what you know they want in this world. And then you reach a certain point and you explode. Something actually goes out of you, its power.…”

“You work yourself up into a certain emotional state and then suddenly you explode and you feel everything go out. And you cannot repeat it. There’s no desire to repeat it. It was an actual psychic sexual act but there’s no physical act. There is no evidence of any physical act. But it’s the same thrill that you would were it a physical act. Work yourself right up into that state and then let it go. And do not raise one finger to make it so anymore then you would after impregnation. What can you do after pregnancy has taken place? Nothing. You leave it alone and let it take place in its own good time.”  — Neville Goddard  – Andrew

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I Go Right Into The Scene and Explore – Neville Goddard

“I commune with Blake. We are separated by two hundred years but are so closely woven in the tapestry of time. I meet these characters that seemingly are so far back in the history of time, but they are not. Not to me. Night after night as I lie on my bed I am seeing what I shouldn’t see. Then I intensify a rhythm that I am feeling within me and off I go right into the scene and explore.”

“I see worlds just as solidly real as this one and I am teaching there. No matter where I go, I am always teaching, telling them the word of God. And they wait for me. I have crowds waiting for me. I go, teach them and then return here. No matter where I go I’m doing the work of God, for when he embraced me I was sent.” – Neville Goddard


Free or Slave – Neville Goddard PDF Lecture

Your Divine Purpose by Neville Goddard

“Start now to mold every being in your world into the form of love. But love, divided from imagination, is eternal death. If you do not know you are dealing with a state, you can love someone dearly yet keep him forever in an unlovely state. But you can take him out by the use of your imagination. We are here in this world of experience for a divine purpose: to know imagination.”

“The world is dead but you can begin now to overcome the last enemy of the world – the enemy of death – by imagining your friend is noble, wanted, and loved, and watch him become it. Save your friend from the state of poverty and you are saving yourself! Don’t be concerned as to how and when it will happen; it will happen, for the world is yours and all within it.” – Neville Goddard – The Cup of Experience

How To Feel It Real – Ignore The Headlines by Neville Goddard

neville_goddard_how_to_feel_it_real_ignore_the_headlines“What is your deep conviction tonight? What is the true image you believe yourself to be? Is it that you are a failure or a success? If you believe the headlines of the paper you will be frightened, for they thrive on crisis. Do you know there are people who only write headlines? Good news is always put on the tenth page, but if the news is frightening it will find front page print.”

“Our boys are on their way to the moon tonight. Their trip made the first page today, but if something violent happens tomorrow, the violent act will get the headlines and not our exciting trip to the moon. Ignore the headlines and remain faithful to your image. What do you really want?” – Neville Goddard

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The Artist is God by Neville Goddard

Who was the Mystery Man Neville Met in London?

neville goddard london“It was He who took me to London when I really wasn’t qualified to do it; and then in London to find a man — a retired engineer who liked the psychic world and introduced me to this way of thinking — just a little spark — it was all there.”

“He only had to put the spark to it; so when I came back, I was living in the second-hand bookstores in New York City. When I could afford a book, I’d buy a book. And when I traveled as a dancer, I traveled with my library.”

“When the others played cards through the day to kill the time between shows — for we did three of four shows a day — I was reading my books. And when they went out after the show at night doing some things, I would take my books, and I built my library that way when I could ill afford to buy a book. That’s the way I spent my money.” – Neville Goddard

Source:  Consigned to Disobedience