Do You Know How Feel It Real Really Works?

how_feel_it_real_works_neville_goddard“So, all of a sudden, things will happen based upon what you are. You don’t have to will it. No, people are always trying to will things into being. It is not done willfully, nor even carefully. People gather around themselves everything, and they call themselves ‘careful operators. – taking advantage of. No! It is simply the core of integrity.”

“You come right down to: ‘Am I really that? Am I really serious?’ Well, if I am serious, I should see it all day long as I walk the earth. My friends know me as I am now. Any change in me, they will see the change; they will hear it through the grapevine, if suddenly something happens to Neville.”

“Whatever happens, one friend will tell another friend, and the other will tell another, and then finally they all will become aware of changes in me. Well now, let the change take place in me first, that I may see them in my mind’s eye.” – Neville Goddard

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Predestined Glory by Neville Goddard

Your Rational Mind and Feel It Real

neville_goddard_rational_mind_feel_it_real“I am not speaking of anything rational in this world. I am speaking of a power that isn’t rational. The ‘rational mind’ is simply the interference between the being that you are, and this so-called world that you think so real. No; the rational mind – let it be what it wants to be.” – Neville Goddard

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The Law of Identical Harvest

Feel It Real Neville Goddard Quotes

feel_it_real_neville_goddard_quote_knowingly“There is nothing God cannot do! Do not think that one who is fabulously rich has an influx of spirit which differs from yours. He is imagining wealth, either wittingly or unwittingly; but you can do it knowingly.”

“If he does not know what he is doing, he can lose his wealth and not know how to recover it. I am asking you, regardless of your financial situation, to assume wealth, knowingly.” – Neville Goddard

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Persistent Assumption – 1968 – Neville Goddard

What Does Revision Actually Do When Feeling It Real?

how_to_feel_it_real_revision_neville_goddard“The outer world is a delayed reflection of the inner and is confined to a dimension of space where events occur in a time sequence. Revision, then, literally changes the past.”

“It replaces what occurred in the outer world with the revised version. The revised scene then gives off its effect by going forth to change future events.” – Neville Goddard Quote

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How To Feel It Real – The Congratulatory Conversation

feel_it_real_congratulatory_conversation“So we sit quietly and we simply become imitators of our Father. And He called the world into being by being the thing he would call. And so we sit and we listen as though we heard someone congratulating us on having found what we seek.”

“So we go to the end of the matter and we listen just as though we heard, and we look as though we saw, and we try in this manner to feel ourselves right into the situation of our answered prayer, and there we wait in the silence just for about two minutes, and so they will lower the lights to aid you.” – Neville Goddard

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Source:  Changing The Feeling of I – 1953

How To Feel It Real – Conjure a Living Mirror

how_to_feel_it_real_neville_goddard_living_mirror“Walk through this door tonight in the assumption that you are the man (or woman) you want to be. It doesn’t make any difference if the outside denies it; you have seen the expression on the faces of your friends and heard their congratulations on the inside, with faith.”

“Now, carry this feeling into the deep and persevere. Conjure a living mirror of friends and acquaintances who have heard your good news and accepted it as permanent. See your face reflected in theirs. If they love you, you will see empathy. They will be rejoicing because of your good fortune.” – Neville Goddard

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Feel Deeply – Neville Goddard – 1969

Neville Goddard’s Brother Victor and The Law

neville_goddard_brother_victor_goddard“Victor doesn’t smoke and he doesn’t drink, but he sits alone, and in his room he, too, is carrying on his little inner conversations – premises of desires fulfilled.  And he can completely control that imagination of his. He can completely control the inner conversation, and things work just as he has determined them.”

“He never goes to church. He’s a religious man in the true sense of the word. He gives generously to charity and to all people – you would never know how many people he helps in the Island because he doesn’t publicize it.” – Neville Goddard.

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What You Can Not Do With Feel It Real

how_to_feel_it_real_neville_goddard_believe“You can believe you are healthy, wealthy, successful, or a failure, and to the degree you accept this belief will you express the state. But fundamentally, what is your concept of God, for only as you seek his kingdom will you discover that God and his kingdom are one.”

“From this platform I teach that I and my Father are one. Being one, my Father can never be so far off as even to be near, for nearness implies separation. What is there in you that can’t even be near? Imagination! You cannot separate yourself from imagination.”

“You can’t claim: ‘I am’ and point to it as something on the outside. It is impossible to separate yourself from the sense of being, so in the sense of I AMness, you are imagining. If this sense of oneness is your Father, do you really believe in him? If so, to what extent does your confession in words conform to your deep, deep conviction?” – Neville Goddard

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This How To Feel It Real Lesson is from

Seek The Kingdom by Neville Goddard

How To Feel It Real – Neville Goddard’s Duck Story

neville_goddard_duck_story“Born in the little island of Barbados, we kept ducks and chickens for our own consumption. If mother wanted a pair of ducks for a Sunday dinner, ten days prior she would tell one of her nine sons to put a brace of ducks aside.”

“Now, our ducks were raised in the yard and fed on fish, which was cheap and plentiful – and not on corn, which had to be imported and was very expensive. We could buy a bucket of fish scraps for a penny, so we fed the chickens and ducks fish; consequently they smelled of and tasted like fish.”

“But if they were separated ten days or two weeks before you wanted them for dinner, and stuffed with corn and food of that nature, the entire texture of their flesh changed. During that interval of time however, they could not be given even a little bit of fish. They had to have a complete, radical change of diet.”

“If mother’s command was not remembered until perhaps four days before the meal everyone knew it, because when the birds were plucked and the heat began to express the birds, the entire neighborhood knew the Goddard’s were having fish for dinner, and no one could eat them. But if their diet was changed from fish to corn – and only corn for that interval of time – we had delicious ducks for dinner which tasted like ducks!”

“Now, although we are not ducks we do feed on ideas. Feed your mind a certain idea for one week and you will change its structure. Continue for two weeks and you will be well fed on lovely thoughts. You see, this is a fictitious world and you are its author. Nothing is impossible! It’s all fiction anyway, so live nobly and dream beautiful dreams; for you are all imagination, and your human imagination is the Lord God, Jesus – the Christ.” – Neville Goddard

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