Neville Goddard Feel It Real Quotes

Feel It Real Quotes by Neville Goddard“You don’t have to be a brilliant scholar to use your creative power. In fact, the more brilliant you are, the less you are likely to try it. The so-called brilliant mind believes only in that which is physical and visible, and therefore does not believe a desire can be fulfilled by a simple imaginal act.”

“But I know the power of imagining, for I have sat quietly in my chair in my living room, constructed a scene which implied the fulfillment of my desire, gave it all of the qualities of naturalness so that it felt right – and let it be. Then, just as I would drop a seed into the ground and wait for its maturity, my seed of desire matured and fulfilled itself in my world.”

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Power and Wisdom – 1968 – Neville Goddard

Revision Quotes by Neville Goddard

feel_it_real_quotes_neville_goddard_revision“If, for instance, you had gone to an interview for a job you truly wanted but later learned that someone else was hired, you can revise that news to make it conform to what you wish you had heard. If you react by feeling depressed or assume any other negative attitude, you will then experience the same type of rejection in the future.” – Neville Goddard

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Happily Married – Neville Goddard Quote

IMG_1765“But I’ll tell you one thing, do not concern yourself with the means. Always go to the end. Dwell in the end, and you will hurt no one. But if you try to devise the means, you are, well, messing the whole thing up…. You want to be happily married.  All right, go to the end. You are happily married.” – Neville Goddard

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Neville Goddard Quotes on Prayer

IMG_1760“Eventually we are all going to know we are the Father; but in the meanwhile, persistence is the key to a change in life – more income, greater recognition, or whatever the desire may be. If your desire is not fulfilled today, tomorrow, next week or next month – persist, for persistency will pay off. All of your prayers will be answered if you will not give up.” – Neville Goddard

This Neville Goddard quote is from the lecture:

The Secret of Prayer

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Detachment – Neville Goddard Quote

kitchen_window“The purpose of practicing detachment is to separate us from our present reactions to life and attach us to our aim in life.” 

“This inner separation must be developed by practice. At first we seem to have no power to separate ourselves from undesirable inner states, simply because we have always taken every mood, every reaction, as natural and have become identified with them.”

“When we have no idea that our reactions are only states of consciousness from which it is possible to separate ourselves, we go round and round in the same circle of problems – not seeing them as inner states but as outer situations.”

“We practice detachment, or inner separation, that we may escape from the circle of our habitual reactions to life. That is why we must formulate an aim and constantly notice ourselves in regard to that aim.” – Neville Goddard

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Destroy Doubt – Neville Goddard Quote

emmett_comfy_holiday“So tonight I want to talk to you about the first principle, which you can always fall back on when in doubt. This first principle is: “Be still and know that I am God.” No matter what happens turn within and be still. Know that your awareness is God and that all things are possible to you.” – Neville Goddard

This Neville Goddard quote is from the lecture:

The First Principle

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How To Feel It Real – Drench Yourself

feel_it_real_quote_neville_goddard_nail_it“Choose an image you would like to express. Feel you are that image. So appropriate it that it must come forth in your world of shadows. Do that and you are praying, for prayer is your own wonderful human imagination, drenched with feeling. I could tell you story after story after story of those who have drenched themselves with the feeling of having their desire, and getting it.”

“Feel the wedding ring, if that is your desire. Feel the thrill of applause, or the joy of a child in your arms. Anything is possible if you can feel it; but if you are going to use reason it will never happen, because failure becomes your image. You don’t realize it but there are two of you, and it is your deeper self that tells you it can’t happen. But no real belief can ever be suppressed for long, for your inward conviction must find some external objective habitation, and it will.” – Neville Goddard

This Neville Goddard quote is from the lecture:

The Artist is God

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How To Tell If You Are Effectively Feeling It Real – Neville Goddard Quotes

young_neville_goddard“How will I know that I have changed the feeling of “I”? By beginning first with an uncritical observation of my reactions to life and then noticing my reactions when I think I am identified with my choice.”

“If I assume that I am the man that I want to be, let me observe my reactions. If they are as they were, I have not identified my self with my choice, for my reactions are automatic and so if I am changed I would automatically change my reactions to life.”

“So the changing of the feeling of “I” results in a change of reaction, which change of reaction is a change of environment and behavior.” – Neville Goddard

This Neville Goddard quote is from the lecture:

Changing The Feeling of I

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The Single Act – Neville Goddard Feel It Real Quotes

emmett_bird_feeding_area“For instance, if I single out as an event, shaking a man’s hand, then that is the only thing I do. I do not shake it, then light a cigarette and do a thousand other things.”

“I simply imagine that I am actually shaking hands and keep the act going over and over and over again until the imaginary act has all the feeling of reality.”

“The event must always imply fulfillment of the wish. Always construct an event which you believe you would naturally encounter following the fulfillment of your desire.” – Neville Goddard

This Neville Goddard quote is from the lecture:

The 1948 Lectures #2 – Assumptions Harden Into Fact – Click Here

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How To Remain Faithful – Neville Goddard Quote

how_to_feel_it_real_neville_goddard_double_minded_2“You must so want it (your ideal, so much) that you are willing to remain faithful to your change in position.”

“You cannot assume you have your desire for one little moment and then return to your former state, for if you do you are a double-minded man and will not receive anything from the Lord.” – Neville Goddard

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